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Your business deserves more!

Running a business can be challenging. I bring results & focus any business owner needs to become more successful. What are you waiting for?

Your business deals with


It determines your 'success'. And when you improve your communication skills everything get easier.


Your (personal) leadership style has a significant impact on yourself and others. It's critical for any business owner.


People drive the business and when you want your employees to achieve more, they need coaching.

Achieving Goals

Setting impactful goals is vital. It creates focus and with coaching you take care of achieving your goals.

(Financial) Numbers

It might be boring, but numbers matter and give you valuable insights and answers how your business is performing.


In yourself. In others. In the future. It can make or break you. And you want to make it, right? Invest in yourself, always!

Do you want to get more out of your business?

Do you feel stuck, face difficult situations or do you see your or your business is stagnating?

In any stage of your business there is room to grow and I am here to help you!

Your business with coachinG


Your business growth depend not only on automated systems or numbers. It's also your/employees mindset and soft skills (communication, negotiation & leadership), right? With coaching growth is guaranteed.


Results matter, always! Together we'll focus on qualitative (you personally/professionally) & quantitative (financials, setting KPI's) results, which allow you and your business to get the results you want.


You need focus to get further; it's the muscle for 'succes'. You want to reach impactful goals with confidence and without focus it's hard. With coaching you strengthen the 'focus-muscle', so you become unstoppable.


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Mitch is mensgericht en kijkt samen met jou hoe jij je doelen kan behalen. De oefeningen brengen in kaart wie jij bent en waar je voor staat. Vanuit daar wordt gekeken welke acties en opdrachten jij moet uitvoeren om te werken aan jouw resultaat.
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Recent een coaching traject afgerond bij Mitch. Ik zou dit een ieder aanraden. Mitch is een fijne coach die daadwerkelijk luistert, en hierbij snel bij de kern kan komen. Hierdoor kan een ieder op zowel privé/professioneel gebied veel inzichten krijgen, en deze op zijn beurt meenemen in zijn day-to-day werkzaamheden. Mitch opereert als een echte vertrouwenspersoon, iemand waarbij je echt je verhaal kwijt kan. Ik heb heel veel geleerd van Mitch en wil hem dan ook hartelijk bedanken voor deze waardevolle ervaring.
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Mitch geeft je de ruimte jouw verhaal te delen en stelt vragen die verhelderend werken, waardoor de hulpvraag meer uitgediept wordt. Hij luistert, vat samen en kijkt wat passend is om antwoord te krijgen. We deden een mooie oefening uit de NLP. Op het moment van visualisatie ging hij mee in mijn proces en liet mij inzicht verkrijgen. Iets wat heel fijn is, want dat is ook echt van mij. Er zat een duidelijke lijn in het gesprek met een goede afronding. Stof tot nadenken en weer een diepere laag. Dankjewel Mitch!

"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now."

Let's get started


For those who want more focus & growth (in €)
You’ve built a foundation for your business, but you want more. It’s time to invest in yourself & business and grow (in €). But how?

We’ll create an action-plan with impactful goals to create hyperfocus, so you & your business move to the next level. Ready?
Together we’ll focus on your current situation, where you want to go and explore your values, strengths and personality. You want to grow and this package focuses on short/mid-term goals.
  • 3 months (min. 6 sessions)
  • Online / Offline
  • 1H deep dive goal setting session
  • 1H end-evaluation session
  • 4 x 15 minute calls
  • Welcome package
More tools to really reach your (€) goals with focus and confidence and no fear or doubts.

Doing the right things that are really helping your business to move to the next level.

Implemented a more structured way of working.

Systems installed to support the customer journey.

New habits and empowering beliefs to drive more sales & results.

A business mindset with better communication skills and a ‘fuck-it’ mentality to become unstoppable.
Note: kosten fiscaal aftrekbaar (zie


For those who want to build an empire
Building an empire means that you’re running your business in line with your values and vision. With balance, a strong mindset and not settling for mediocrity. Let’s think & act BIG!

We’ll go deeper into you as a business owner, leadership, strategies & mission, setting targets and finances, so you have more direction & tools to make impact with your business.
No matter where you want to be, you need focus and confidence in reaching impactful goals. Change is inevitable to become unstoppable and drive results that matter. We’ll focus on your mid/long-term goals, so you and your career and business reaches new heighs.

Where do you want to be?
  • 6 months (min. 12 sessions)
  • Online / Offline
  • 2H deep dive goal setting session
  • 2H end-evaluation session
  • 10 x 15 minute calls
  • Welcome package + gift
  • Monthly accountability assessment
  • Priority voice & message support
Clarity on who you are (as a business owner), what you stand for and where you want to go, your values, vision and your why.

Increased (personal) leadership, so you can deal with any situation more effectively.

Better communication, negotiation and influencing skills, so you get what you want in a way that suits you.

More focus, confidence, energy and joy. No more playing small.

Being able to make better decisions, prioritize your time and stay focused with no excuses.

Business strategies with clear targets that support your (€) goals and mission.

A business mindset to think & act BIG while staying close to your own unique self. Become a charismatic business owner while making IMPACT.
Note: kosten fiscaal aftrekbaar (zie


Intensive session for strategies & impactful breakthroughs.


Intensive session for insights & more direction.


On demand coaching anytime & anywhere.

Don’t wait any longer, create more success in your life & business!


For those who want to launch their business.
No matter where are right now, you always need the right guidance to launch your business in a way that fits your personality.

We’ll go through all aspects of launching a business so you’ve more information, inspiration & confidence to start working on your dreams.

You haven’t worked with a coach before, but you do see value in coaching.  Here you have the opportunity to experience coaching, get to know me and perhaps the inspiration, insights or strategies you needed to overcome your obstacles and become unstoppable.

  • 1 session
  • 1.5H
  • Online / Offline
  • Get insights & options
  • Get the questions you need
  • Q&A + Sparring Partner

Move your business forward!

Are you ready?

Get to know me...

Are you willing to invest in yourself and business? Every ‘successful’ person and business embraces coaching to overcome obstacles, reach new heighs and really drive results. So why not you?

With 8+ years of experience working in different industries as a finance professional I’ve seen different business models and I am used to measure and drive (financial) growth and work closely with sr. management where great communication skills are vital. And I am super excited to share it with you and within your business.

Oh… I am also super proud of having built my own coaching business (like website designs, texts, software integrations and multiple automated systems) and learnt so much about the online world (so also for the coaches out there, it would be great to help you!).

It would be amazing to work with you and help you in any phase of your business. Book a free call and let’s get started!
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