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See coaching as managed changed and growth and a great way to invest in yourself, career and business. It’s future and solution oriented with the aim to achieve your goals with your own strength under an agreement that defines the responsibilities and expectations of both of us.

Coaching is not counseling, nor it is therapy. advising, mentoring or training.

1. Numbers & Business (formed by my experience as finance professional) to measure your results & goals achievement

2. Bringing hyperfocus, so you get what you want with confidence;

3. How the brain functions and what it can do for you & your goals;

4. Communication (self); negotiation & presentation skills, listening and feeling your emotions

5. How to deal with people & yourself
Simple, effective & practical (coaching) approaches to bring the mind & body in sync, so you start to think & feel in a way that really supports your goals and desires.
– Accredited coach program on Practitioner level with NOBCO/EMCC.
– NLP Business Practitioner program
– NLP Master Practitioner program

When you want to work with a coach who helps you to  move forward with an enjoyable and motivational way of working, where communication, reaching goals and personal leadership are on the menu.

“Alone you go fast, together you go far.”

I’ve been helping others get further in their life and career since 2016 aside my work as  finance professional. I practice what I preach every single day, and with sharing the experiences as Certified Coach and NLP Practitioner I now add more value to others who want to get further. 

Preferably Zoom or Google Meets. Other options are Facetime or Skype.

Let’s shift from costs to investment with always a return on investment and we use our time and energy together to work on the results you want to get.

Prices start at 87.75 EUR (Coffee session) up to 4.550 EUR for the packages (depending on the uniqueness of your story and the diverse variables).

Book a free call here and find out more.

Trust, Honesty, Couraging, Challenging, Positivity, Long-Term Thinker, Enjoyable and Creativity.

You have 4 options:

1 = Pick one of my services 
2 = Book a free 15 min. call on my contact page
3 = Book a paid priority call on my contact page to get further within 48H.
4 = mail me directly [email protected]

Yes there are many many coaches, and I am just Mitch and what I coach on is what I practice myself; growth, seeking for upgrades and improving performances. With personal leadership, communication (I had speech therapy when I was little) and reaching goals, and with going through my own (inner) journey with the coach programs I see real value in embracing coaching in your life. career or business.

And yes, I don’t have all the answers but together we can go farther than alone, right? 

It starts with thinking/feeling that it is time to grow, change paths or reach goals and seeking for a coach that you feel connected with. If you really listen to this and take the first step to embrace coaching you have already started.

In general there are 4 phases*:

1. We meet with a ‘do-we-fit’ call.
2. Preparation phase; filling out. relevant documents, aligning way-of-working expectations and ensure hyperfocus before we start.
3. We officially start.
4. Completion; evaluation + next steps if needed.

*Only with multiple consecutive coaching sessions

It depends, but I can give supportive homework that can help you in achieving your goals or using other tools that can bring you further. 

We can work online and offline or a mix of both at professional coach locations, at your office or we go for a walk in nature.

I’m here to help you to achieve your goals and reach your potential, and these results support your life, career and business*: 

– Improved Communication (also with yourself) 
– Building stronger Relationships 
– More Ease, Joy and Balance in everything you do
– New Habits and Behaviors to support your journey
– Confidence and Resilience
– Expansion of your Tools/Skills  to keep ‘succeeding’
– Mindset and living according to your values

*Evaluation session is included to analyze your results.

Communication is very important, so if you’re not satisfied let’s get in touch. 

We’ll take a moment to evaluate the whole coach process and you get your personal visual report with your results, that you can use as reminder going forward (+ next steps if needed).

Here is the top 7: Reflective Journaling, Goal Measurement Tools, Bodywork, Draw Exercises, Visioning Process, Voice Dialogue and NLP.
Oh… I’ve also a ‘library’ with many pragmatic tools that I’ve gathered with the years that can also help you in the process. 

Can’t find your answer?
Feel free to send me your questions!
“Coaching helps and guides you to find answers and solutions
to get ahead in your life, career and with your business.”


For business owners & professionals who want to get ahead.


1:1 coaching for you or your employees.


It depends, mostly bi-weekly to let time and space also do the job.


Offline, online or a mix of both at professional coach locations, at your office or we go for a walk in nature.


To boost your career or move forward with your business by getting the results and tools to get further.


We work under an agreement to maintain accountability and equivalency during the whole process.

"Answers and solutions are everywhere, but i am here to help you get further while stepping into unknown waters and working on yourself, career or business."

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