Mitch van Haaren

Mijn naam is Mitch en ik geloof dat elke keuze die je maakt je iets bregt… en mijn keuze om vanaf 2018 te investeren in mijzelf maakte alles mooier & duidelijker. Het gaat erom dat je meer gemak en plezier hebt in alles wat je doet. En dat je voelt en een mind hebt die voor jou werkt en niet andersom.

Sindsdien ben ik aandachtig gaan werken aan mijn coaching avontuur en mijn eigen online business gestart gericht op ondernemers die financieel meer rust, winst, overzicht & vermogen willen.
“If you never did, you should. These things are fun and fun is good.”

One of the most versatile voices in the industry.

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Mitch van Haaren

“Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most.”
“Ik geloof in stillness & visualiseren om doelen te bereiken en connected te blijven met je authenieke ik. Alles wat we willen zit in onszelf.”
Mastermind Coaching Life Business Mindset
It’s all about being able to move forward with more ease and joy! I’m always making decisions to support growth internally and externally: like working for multiple companies to see other industries and facing new challenges as a finance professional, seeking solutions to improve my communication skills in Dutch and English and quitting my job to discover more of the world on my own with a backpack. Only one thing stood out with all the decisions I made: PEOPLE! In all areas it triggered me to understand what drives people and how I can make a contribution, and all the decisions let me eventually discover the world of coaching. All the coach programs let me grow, get impactful insights and become a better leader of my life. It was confronting at times, but coaching has brought me ease and joy in many aspects of my life and career too. Now I bundle many tools and approaches and mix it with my personal experiences into an enjoyable way of coaching to help you get further! Like NLP, provocative coaching, voice dialogue and more, I’m here to help you get further with your life, career and business.
Mastermind Coaching Life Business Mindset
Speech therapy
My mom brought me to speech therapy when I was little, and communication has been very important to me ever since.

I’ve always been working on my communication skills as I felt anxious and frustrated to connect with others. I was really struggling with situations where connecting and communication was involved, but I’m thankful for having poor communication skills as it triggered me to change my circumstances.

When I started working for an international company I faced uncomfortable situations again, as my English was really, really bad. but I thought: “Embrace it, and you will be proud of your efforts later on.” I literally practiced in front of the mirror and translated words like in the old days, but it all helped me to get ahead.

I see embracing your own situations as an opportunity to grow.

With always improving my communication skills I see how valuable communication is in this world to get further with your life, career and business.

Traveling is not only about visiting a country or city. it’s about culture, food, nature and people!

I also see traveling as a phenonemal way to step into unknown waters and:

Challenge yourself
Face new situations
Create new perspectives
Find wonderful ideas
Develop different skills
Build relationships
Seek solutions

I discovered backpacking in 2017 (like Sri lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines) and I really like to have fun and investing in yourself at the same time (consciously & subconsciously).

There are many amazing stories to share, and I am grateful that I’ve seen so many countries, met beautiful people, read inspiring books and created memories that will last for a lifetime.

With traveling and coaching you embrace growth and facing challenges, that’s why both are a great fit for me. I continue to discover more of the world with a coaching mindset and open eyes and bring it to you!

Traveling, books and coaching are great ways  to get more self-awareness, improve your communication skills and become a better leader of your life.

Coaching Journey Personal Leadership Communication Goals with Coach Mitch van Haaren
“What you plant, is what you become.”
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Business Coaching

With a bachelor degree in business economics I’ve always been educating myself on the job to grow professionally as I didn’t expect the company to ‘give’ me everything in terms of personal development, growth and becoming a better communicator for example.

With the years I clearly noticed that the people side always triggered me so much, and this let me embrace everything related to human nature, communication etc. and many books have passed my both hands ever since and still do. 

The coach programs also let me discover a whole new world of education.  Growth is everywhere and it’s so great to see different ways of education and  explore new terrain and embrace new ideas and tools to help you and others get ahead.

Education is a continuous process and just one book or one coach session can have a significant impact on you and your environment.

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